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Angular 2.0 Jump-Start Training

Code District

Learning Angular 2 Should be Your Priority!  Start learning Angular 2 now in our weekend training course. Not only is Angular 2 going to be the future of web, but also there are a lot of new concepts in Angular 2 that require time to...

Join us for a Happy Movie Night!

Cultivating Happiness in your life!

Come and join us for a fun movie night of happiness! Soul Fitness LA and My Happiness Coaching would like to share with you one of the greatest movies/documentaries about happiness; "The Happy Movie". Wear your comfy clothes and bring anything...

Why will/won't you vote?

Deep Thinkers

You've heard it constantly throughout this election season. This will be one of the most consequential elections in modern American history. So, will you be voting? If not, why not? We've explored this topic before, but since this election is...

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