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Play Beach Volleyball (Rusty to Intermediate)
4-18-15 9:00 am - Rocky Point
Manhattan Beach Yoga and Beach Volleyball Meetup

If you are a bit rusty, or just really love to play beach then come join! I'll be reserving 2 nets. We are going to be mixing beginners with intermediates and expect everyone to be positive and encouraging. We are all here to have fun and improve...

Modern Web Development with NodeJS
4-18-15 9:00 am - Rocky Point
Code District

This class teaches experienced Javascript developers how to build cutting edge and scalable sites using Express 4 and Node JS, a cutting-edge technology designed to deliver fast, scalable network applications.  The fundamentals and advance...

Saturday Olympus SUP Yoga Class
4-18-15 9:00 am - Rocky Point
Olympus SUP Fit

Olympus SUP Fit Yoga Class is from 9 am to 11 am. *Students MUST be present 10 minutes prior to class to check in & be sized up for paddle. Once the class has begun and all paddlers are on the water late attendees will not be able to join. ***To...

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